How does it work ?

Hosting employees

1- First of all you identify the candidate you want to make work in the UK (Technical Engineer, Sales Engineer …)

2- You agree with her / him about the remuneration package and other conditions.

3- Expatrium will then issue an employment contract, according to the agreed conditions, and Expatrium becomes her / his legal employer in the UK. You will manage her / him directly as a ‘consultant’ in your British project.

4- In this way, we will then

  • Manage all legal and mandatory declarations related to her / his employment in the UKvendre en angleterre
  • Pay the Social Security contributions (NIC) and tax in the UK
  • Pay her / him remuneration
  • Pay all employer insurances (Employer Liability, Public Liability …) in the UK
  • Issue her / his payslips
  • Manage her / his possible British pension scheme

5- Each month you will receive one service invoice including the cost of all services mentioned above.


After a while if you notice that your business has been developed successfully, you wish to set up a firm in the UK, we will assist you.

You can so recruit directly the consultant in your British team and become her / his direct employer.

If your business development fails in the UK and you decide to stop your UK activity, you can stop our services and we will manage the termination of the consultant employment contract.

This process :

  • Allows you to test the UK market before setting up a company in the UKportage britannique
  • Allows you to test your future British Manager / Employee (Business developer or other qualifications) without any ‘direct employer liability’,
  • Allows you to fully create and develop your business line in the UK
  • And frees you from the following UK obligations: administrative people-management, tax,
  • Accounting and Social Security contributions (NIC) …

NOTE : Our “Outsourcing of employment in the UK” service (Ei UK) is different from the “Hosting Employment” that you might know in Belgium, in Switzerland or in France.